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Home Seitensprünge Ledorga News.... Dominiques Oktober - Rainbowtour 2010 und Ausblick 2011

Ledorga News.... Dominiques Oktober - Rainbowtour 2010 und Ausblick 2011

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Dominique und sein Ledorga-Team haben ihre Rainbowtour 2010 für den Oktober in Frankreich vorgestellt.

Seine Mail an den Club zum Nachlesen (auf englisch).....

Are you curious to visit a old presidental cars? Do you like to taste some french wines? Are you curious to visit the french factory SEB? Visit a mustard factory and taste the mustard of Dijon? See a collection of Abarth cars? discover a collection of army airplane? Discover the construction from an old castle? and more and more....?
If your answer is "YES", the next RAINBOW TOUR 2010 in Bourgogne is for you!!
the dates : from 9th october to 16 october 2010
the places : in the area of Auxerre and Dijon in Bourgogne
the complete programm in english, dutch, german and french language on www.ledorga.fr
The booking for the RAINBOW TOUR 2010 is open and you can return now your application form (of course if you have not return actually your booking...)
The 2 elections from the EUROPEAN GAY CAR OF THE YEAR 2011and the EUROPEAN GAY CAR BRAND OF THE YEAR 2011 will be open from the 15th november 2010 to the 15th december 2010. You are invited to give your opinion on the actual production cars during this 2 votes.
The 14th january 2011 in Paris, you are invited to discover the 2 winners for the year 2011 during a special show evening. You can see and touch the cars winners during this special evening only for you!!!
The next ELEGANCE CRUISE 2011 will be in the area of Lille. the programm : visit from ARC factory, diners and nights in the Novotel, lunch in the "estaminet" (estaminet is a typical restaurant from the north of France), drive with your classic car on the 5 flanders mounts, drink a french beer, and more and more..... please note the next ELEGANCE CRUISE 2011 from 22th april to 25 april 2011.
And of course, if you want more informations on the LEDORGA activities, please go on the website :
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